Retail Translation Services and E-Shop Localization

Retail Translation Services and E-Shop Localization

Retail Translation Services and E-Shop Localization

The internet allows brands to expand like never before.

Nowadays, you can make your products available to customers all over the world who shop without leaving their homes. A brand can ignite the interest of purchasers on the opposite side of the world before ever opening a store in that location.

This wonderful opportunity brings about a set of new challenges, related to:

  • Marketing across cultures and languages.
  • Making purchasing, shipping, and expansion as seamless as possible.

Clear, accurately-translated information will prevent the customer from needing extra assistance, and will make navigating your e-store more comfortable.


E-Store Localization for the Global Market

The percentage of total retail sales that comes from purely digital platforms is growing each year.

Although pure player e-shops might not necessarily replace brick & mortar physical stores, they are an asset for a business that wants to enhance sales and revenue, and a requirement for any brand that wants to expand to new countries.

When it comes to adapting your e-store to a new culture, you need professional e-shop localization services. This ensures the consistency of your brand identity, while understanding and taking into account not only the new languages of your target audience, but the legal requirements, formatting, and cultural nuances as well. We provide the best e-store localization team, from project managers, to development, to UX, to professional retail translators.

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Retail Industry Translations and the Key to Accuracy

A lot of promotional messages get misinterpreted if they’re not adapted to the culture. With only a word for word translation, most marketing strategies will not yield the same results throughout different countries.

The key to accuracy in retail translations is cultural adaptation that can only be done by professional retail translators and professional retail localization experts.

We make sure your style guides and glossaries are understood and followed, and that we capture your brand’s identity, imagery, and communication strategy through proper language and terminology. Our work is 100% accurate, and backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Specialized Services to Help Your Internationally-oriented Brand Grow

We provide you with a team of professional, mother-tongue translators, who are accessible 24/7. Not only can you translate content into over 100 languages, but we can also help you tailor all of your content to appeal to customers across cultures.

We translate and localize:

  • Marketing and branding materials
  • Websites and e-stores
  • Internal policy files
  • Packaging

We also have an international SEO team, who can help your website rank highly in search engines worldwide.