IME Interpreting Services

IME Interpreting Services

Ensure Your IMEs are Understood by All Parties

There’s no room for error in Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) for insurance or legal purposes.

It’s essential that the health of the patient, who may be a claimant after an injury, or of applicant looking for a visa, is accurately recorded. Failure to hire a professional interpreter with extensive training in medical terminology and fluency in both the medical examiner and patients’ languages, could result in placing your client’s claim at risk of annulment from inconsistency or translating errors. We can provide you with an in-person IME interpreter in as little as 24 hours’ notice, or an over-the-phone interpreter in any language, around the clock.

ime interpreting services

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IME Interpreting Services

What Happens During an IME With an Interpreter?

Because even the smallest error can place your claimant’s application at risk, our experienced IME interpreters will ensure that every last question and detail is properly translated and understood by both parties, in compliance with FDA regulations.

Your IME with a foreign patient will go smoothly with transparent communication, led by an impartial IME expert interpreter who understand the procedure; not the patient’s relative or friend who has no medical training. Hiring a professional IME interpreter over the phone or in-person is essential to ensure:

  • Perfect understanding of questions and concepts by both parties
  • Efficient, fast communication between speakers of two different languages
  • Avoid placing your firm at risk of liability due to non-professional interpretation

In Addition to IME Interpreting Services, We Offer:

Who Our IME Interpreters Are For

Our IME interpreters receive ongoing training and are up-to-date with the legal requirements of different medical specializations, as well as terminology management.

We provide reliable, professional IME interpretation services to a wide variety of clients, such as:

  • Clinics & Hospitals
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Insurance Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Immigration Purposes
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