Over the Phone Interpreters | Professional OPI Services

Over the Phone Interpreters | Professional OPI Services

Over the Phone Interpreters for Any Situation

You just never know when you will need over the phone interpretation services.
Let’s say you are in the middle of a busy ER shift, it is late, and suddenly a patient bursts in surrounded by shouting family members who do not speak English. What do you do? How about a foreign refugee who needs immediate interpreting assistance with an immigration application or legal case? Because you don’t always know who will walk through your door, or when, we offer professional over the phone interpreters in every language, for any situation.

Over the Phone Interpreters for Any Situation

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Are you in need of regular,
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If so, Day Interpreting is the solution for you. We interpret for hospitals,
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Are you in need of on-demand, real-time phone interpreting services?

What are Over The Phone Interpreters and What Do
They Do?

Over the phone interpreters translate content or conversations from one language to another quickly and efficiently via the phone.

This allows for translation and interpreting to happen anywhere in the world, at any moment, making over the phone interpretation services essential to many industries and individuals. Our expert interpreters will mediate a conversation with multiple callers, or can be put on speaker to translate a conversation among individuals in the same room. The interpreter fulfills the same job they would as an in-person interpreter. When time is of the essence, and you want to keep costs low, our 24/7 interpreting services are just a call away. We provide OPI services for:

  • Legal Situations
  • Asylum Interpreting
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Examinations Under Oath (EUO)
  • Medical Settings
  • Any General Need

In Addition to Over the Phone Interpreting Services, We Offer:

Why You Need Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) Services

Allowing a patient’s relative, the janitor, or a legal assistant to translate a professional diagnosis or court summons is not only a bad idea; it’s a potential million-dollar lawsuit.

Avoid placing your hospital, clinic, office, or law firm at risk of liability due to non-professional or inaccurate interpreting. Ensure that every patient or client clearly understands their diagnosis or case. As a proud member of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT), our OPI services offer:

  • Efficient, fast communication between speakers of two different languages
  • Perfect understanding of concepts and key issues by both parties
  • Immigration Law Firms
  • Engagement in conversation from any place, in any language, at any time
  • Instant professional assistance cheaper than face-to-face interpreting
Why You Need Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) Services